Replacement printer toner cartridge for HP 78, HP 85A, or HP 12A? Newly Manufactured Saves Money

A Newly Manufactured Printer Toner Cartridge Save Money

If you run a business, costs are always something you are trying to control. A replacement laser printer toner cartridge can be one cost that can make you wince when you are dishing out $50-$100 at a time for OEM cartridges manufactured by your printer manufacturer.

Laser toners are the most economical to use. You get far more coverage for your money off a laser toner cartridge. With ink, it seems you just replaced it and are already putting another into your printer. With laser toner cartridges, they seem to last for a long time. Problem is, they are pretty expensive if you are buying an OEM product.

So, let’s look at three of the most popular printer toner cartridge from HP. If your HP printer takes an HP 78, HP 85A, or HP12A toner cartridge, you can pay a lot of money to replace them.

HP 78A printer toner cartridgeLet’s take a look at the HP78A or CE278A black toner cartridge. Right now, on Amazon, it is running anywhere between $57-$65 depending on the reseller. It gives you approximately 2000 pages of coverage which translates into $.02 a page.

A newly manufactured REVO Toner for an HP78A runs at $23.75 and provides 2100 page coverage. So, not only is the cost half, but you get a little more for the money at a $.01 a page. The output quality is as good as your OEM cartridge.

Other popular HP Cartridges to compare:

HP85A – OEM Price is $53.99 HP 85A OEM printer toner cartridgevs.
REVO Newly Manufactured at $22.20 and available Jumbo Cartridge at $25.50 with 3000-page coverage.

HP12A – OEM Price is $60.95
REVO Remanufactured at $22.99 and available Jumbo 

HP 12A OEM printer toner cartridge

Cartridge at $24.99 with 3000-page coverage.

Buyer beware when shopping for a laser printer toner cartridge. The cheapest toners out there tend to pump old recycled cartridges with new toner and ship them to you. You will find the toner output to be very poor with streaks on your documents. If quality is important to you, either an OEM or a Newly Manufactured can deliver the best results for you.

So, if you look at your toner budget, ask yourself what you could do with the 50% savings to your office budget? Maybe apply that savings to a piece of equipment you have been wanting to purchase, but have never had the money. Maybe a paper folder, paper cutter, or some other time-saving machine for your office?

[box]HP Compatible Toner CE278A (78A)

The Revo Toner Cartridge AC-H0278U is an equivalent to the HP OEM part CE278A, (78A)

Available for $57.00 $23.75 SAVE OVER 50%!

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[box]HP Compatible Toner CE285A and Universal with Canon 125

The Revo Toner Cartridge AC-H0285CU is an equivalent to the HP OEM part CE285A (85A)

Available for $53.99 $22.20 SAVE OVER 50%!

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