UV Coating Fluid for Ricoh 8100, C7100, C901

About a month ago, we posted that we have been getting a lot of calls regarding a UV Coating fluid that is compatible with Ricoh printers. The good news is our REVO SureCoat 2010 is compatible with the Ricoh 8100, C7100 and C901 printers. Customers who have ordered the SureCoat 2010 have reported positive results.

Even Tec Lighting has referred customers to us knowing that our Low Odor UV Coating fluid is working for Rich printer customers.

So why does it work?

Ricoh is using a similar technology to the Konica Minolta printers. It is a wax based application formula in the print toner. The challenge for most UV coating fluid is its ability to adhere to this type of print application. Most will flake and not cover evenly rendering their print job useless. The SureCoat 2010 Gloss low odor UV coating fluid works effortlessly on the wax based toners.

If you need a Matte application, you can use the REVO SureCoat 2030 low odor UV coating fluid which is also formulated for the Konica Minolta and now the Richo printers.

So, if you have been trying to find a UV Coating fluid that works with your Ricoh 8100, Ricoh C7100 or Ricoh C901 printer, there is a solution. If you have another printer that is using a wax based toner application, give us a call, we may be able to help you.