MBM Aerocut Velocity Cutter Creaser Slitter

All in one Cutter Creaser Slitter

MBM Aerocut Velocity Cutter Creaser SlitterYou may ask yourself, how companies are able to run low volume jobs at a profit. One of the reasons is having an all-in-one Cutter Creaser Slitter in their operation. By running a project through an all-in-one machine, you can lower the cost of man-hours needed to do each function individually. What you lose on volume for bigger projects, you will need to make up for by doing more smaller projects.

In today’s job market, it is harder to find qualified workers to complete traditional finishing jobs. So, having automation that can do most of the work allows you to hire lower-skilled workers who only have to feed the sheets into the machine, while not requiring much technical skill to complete the task themselves.

The MBM Aerocut Velocity Cutter Creaser and Slitter

It’s a card cutter, creaser, slitter. It is perfect for finishing brochures, business cards, post cards, checks, tabletop displays and more. Minimal training is required as it comes with 96 preset programs for cutting, creasing, or slitting. You can also store up to 50 programmed projects yourself. This takes away any guess work on how to set up a project. Once it is set up, you just feed the documents through the feed.

The machine comes with a perforating attachment. It also is equipped with self-sharpening blades. It even has self-correcting cut mark function to make sure it makes an accurate cut every time. To protect your workers, it has a safety access cover which prevents the machine from operating if the cover is open. Variable pressure feed rollers maintain cutting accuracy throughout the run. The crease depth easily adjusts for different weights of stock.

You can load between 120-400 sheets at a time. I can cut sizes up to 85 x 11. Visit our website, you can find the different templates that are available.

If you have ever wondered how some of the online services can offer business cards at such a lower cost, it’s because they are using automation to lower their costs. The MBM Aerocut Velocity Cutter Creaser and Slitter is a tool that helps them accomplish it. It could work for you too.