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Business Card Slitter For Your Print Shop.

Business cards still play an important role in business.bc12_card_cutter_lg

Business cards are still an important part of presenting your customer’s business, so a business card slitter is an important machine to have in your print shop. Today, there are ways to make the business card do more for your customers. With QR Codes, people can scan business cards right into their smart phone, or take them to a place on the web to download contact information right into the phone. Or, the QR code can take them to a landing page with a special offer provided they give their contact information in return.

Are you a full service print shop? Business cards are most likely still a part of your business for clients that use your other services. With online competitors stealing a little of your business, they could ultimately steal all your business if you are not careful. So, a business card slitter and the business of business card production still needs to be a part your operations.

So, what kind of machine do you need?

The amount of volume you do dictates the machine you need. The more volume you expect, the more automated you probably want to be. There are several out there on the market that can automate the process. A good business card slitter will cut and stack 1,000 cards in five minutes ready to box and deliver. The Sun HS-3000MBM BC12 Business Card Slitter and the Martin Yale GC10 Business Card Slitter falls into these categories. When you’re doing cards for an entire company that’s just gotten a new logo or street address, you need a fast machine to get them out quickly, accurately and with little trouble.

Manual models are still efficient and are certainly not slow, and they have the advantage of being extremely economical. Lloyd’s has a great selection of both manual and automatic business card slitters.

The thing to consider when buying either model is the format in which you’ll print the cards in the first place. 8-up, 10-up, 12-up, gutter, or no gutter are all options.

The flexibility and speed your print shop has in cutting business cards may just keep your customers from exploring purchasing one of these machines on their own. Or, it will keep them from using another service that offers business card services. You will always run the risk of losing more of your business to a competitor, if you are not doing all their print finishing.

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