rhin-o-tuff od 4012 binding machine

Accessories for your Rhin-O-Tuff binding machine

Rhin-O-Tuff binding machines are great machines for any print shop that wants to offer book binding services to customers. It is the binding machine for all the Fedex Kinkos around the country. It has other capabilities that most people don’t even know about besides punching paper. There are many accessories you can purchase to maximize your binding punch machine.

Let’s take a look at a few of them that may be of interest.

Rhin-o-Tuff Onyx PAL-14: Automated Module

This handy add-on allows you to stack up your project. It will then automatically feed the punch machine operator the stacks to be punched. It helps speed up the document punching process for large projects that require multiple booklets to be made.

Increase Punch and Bind Productivity with Automatic Paper Ejectors and Stackers

The other handy tool is the Automatic Paper ejector and stacker. Again, if you are running large projects, this system will speed up the process. You simply place the paper into the slot to be punched. Hit the button and it will automatically eject it from the punch machine and stack it for you to easily grab for the final finishing. It’s perfect compliment to your Rhin-O-Tuff machine.

Both these add-on modules will help speed up the process of completing your document binding projects faster than if you managed everything manually. They will quickly pay for themselves by removing a couple of man-hours on each project.

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