Copyright and Trademark Infringement, A Reference for Print Shops

Too many print shops shy away from printing logos or trademarked images because they’re worriedsportsimage about copyright infringement laws.

The thing is, it’s easier to get the clearance licenses to print these things than you think. Consider this; sports franchises make most of their money through licensing deals. They want you or your clients to license their images and pay their royalty fees. It’s a business.

So, the next time a client comes in and asks for a product emblazoned with a logo, don’t turn that business away. Instead, talk to the client about copyright and licensing, point them towards the pertinent guidelines, and help them through the process.

I’m including a list of licensing guidelines for all of the major sports organizations in the U.S., but remember that you can apply these same principles to smaller, local sports franchises too:

MLB – Major League Baseball

NFL – National Football League

NASCAR – links to PDF

NBA – links to the PDF

HLG – Henry Licensing Group (represents multiple licensors):

NCAA – links to NCAA Q&A

Be the expert for your clients. Help them get what they need to properly print without infringing on any copyrights.

Of course, if you need help with providing them laminating or UV coating, give us a call for machines and supplies.

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