3 Technologies Changing the Print Business

Speed is everything today in the print business. Everyone wants their jobs done fast. Everyone wants an

iphone answer fast. The ability to deliver on your promise faster and easier is key to getting business done today. The question we often have to ask ourselves, “Am I a PITA to my clients?” Roberto Blake discusses 3 technologies that may help lower the PITA factor you may have in your business today.

Mobile Technology

So, how can mobile change the game for you? All your customers have smartphones in a variety of sizes and brands. Most can now read PDF documents right in the palm of their hands. Roberto points out that Adobe’s Digital Cloud service gives you a new way for  a print business to handle workflow of your contracts.

Adobe Fill and Sign is a companion mobile app that allows you to send a contract over to a customer to sign. Digital signatures are the norm today. You simply send the contract over to their mobile device and they sign and countersign to get things moving. It is pure speed without the need to mess with faxing documents.


Dropbox has been adding new collaboration features with their Dropbox for business. Ever had customers complain that they could not get into your FTP site? Dropbox eliminates this. You can now set up a folder for each individual client to keep things simple for yourself. At the same, it is so easy to use, you no longer have to provide a lot of support to customers in sending over their printing files or proofs.

Video Support

Sometimes, people like to learn on their own time. The video is an effective way to put together how to and process reminders for your customers. You can produce pretty much anything to help customers use your services or help them in accomplishing a goal. Sometimes it is just helpful to make a video and explain how something works.

We all have to sometimes keep ourselves up to date on using technology to help service customers faster and cheaper. Mobile, Cloud and Video are effective ways to help customers work with you.

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