picture of surecoat 2010 uv coating fluid for konica minolta bizhub printers

Yes, there is such a thing as low odor uv coating fluid.

Low odor UV coating fluid is not a pipe dream. We used a name brand fluid with our UV coating machine. 1415032167_thumb.jpegAnytime we ran a job on our mini-UV coater, it would smell the whole place up and find its way into the front offices too.  We knew when someone was running a UV coating job. All that changed when we switched to REVO UV Coating fluid.

REVO UV coating fluid is formulated for a low odor application through your UV coating machine. If you are not venting your machine to expel the heat generated, the UV coating fluid will not smell up your whole office. If you have employees who are sensitive to chemical agents, they will not be affected by low odor coating. If your machine is vented to extract heat and odor outdoors, your neighbors will not complain either.

In urban environments where print shops are located on block buildings, this can be an issue for them. We have a custom in Brooklyn that had issues high odor UV coating fluid and complaints from neighbors. Once he switched to the low odor fluid, the complaints went away.

REVO coatings have multiple formulations for the various digital printing machines out there. The most popular is the REVO SureCoat 2010 which works with Konica-Minolta There are other formulas that work with Xerox, HP and others. If you have not tried REVO Coating yet, you can always buy a 1-gallon jug to try it. Most that have usually switched. The finished products are excellent.

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