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Paper Cutter Needs A Rotation Blade

Rotation Cutting Blade

We had a recent customer with a large guillotine paper cutter decide that he needed to have his blade removing a cutting blade from a guillotine paper cuttersharpened. To get the blade sharpened, you have to remove it and send it out to companies that specialize in sharpening tools. The challenge with this is it pretty much shuts down your cutting operation for at least a week.

The way we avoid this problem here at Lloyds is we keep a rotation blade on hand. We too have to get our blades sharpened, but to avoid any down time, we keep a rotation blade handy. This ensures that our paper cutter is always operational on the floor, even if we have to send out the blade for sharpening.

Keep Your Paper Cutter Operational

So, as you consider purchasing a large guillotine paper cutter, consider purchasing an extra blade to keep handy to minimize your downtime. If you don’t want to make the purchase right away, budget it for a few months after your initial purchase so you have it when the time comes to sharpen your existing blade.

Time is money. If you your cutting operation is down for a week, it could cost you more than the price of having a rotation blade handy.

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