Why You Need A Hydraulic Paper Cutter

There are a lot of choices for paper cutters out there. For small jobs, you can get away with a manual Triumph_5560LRguillotine paper cutter. Or, you can use a Slitter, Creaser and Cutter machine. But for high volume jobs, you are going to need a hydraulic paper cutter.

New or Used?

You can always get a used machine that someone is off-loading through upgrades or retirement. The challenge with the older ones is you will need someone who can calculate the proper cuts. The risk of bad cuts is the loss of revenue on a project because of waste. Let’s face it, US math scores are still below average to the rest of the world, so finding a young person with basic math skills is going to be a problem.

Programmable Preset Cuts

So, purchasing a newer hydraulic paper cutter is probably a better bet. The new Triumph Paper cutters provide you the ability to pre-program the different cuts you may be doing for customers. If you have someone that can calculate the cutting measurements, you only have to teach someone how to select the right preset and then turn the documents while cutting.

Safety Features

The other feature of a newer hydraulic paper cutter is safety. It is impossible to cut a limb off a cutter without tampering with the machine. The infrared lights on the hydraulic paper cutter prevent the machine from operating while there are objects in the line. Your insurance agent will like this feature too because you will have fewer workplace accidents to report.

You can go cheap with a used cutter, but you will be better off in the long run with a newer cutter. The programmable features and safety features make it easy for anyone to operate with lower waste costs, as well.

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