Change: How To Run A Print Shop Today?

The one constant in business is change.outofbusiness

Over the past 20 years, the printing industry has seen an incredible amount of change. With the advent of the Internet, some print materials we took for granted are no longer part of your customer’s marketing plans. Reaching audiences through the mail was replaced by reaching them through their desktop or laptop. As millennials start replacing baby boomers, you now have to reach them through their phones or phablets.

Running an offset only print shop is no longer an option. You need a digital printing strategy too. As digital print comes down in price, will off-set even be around is the question? That is another question that has to be asked by print shop owners. If you have the right customers, offset will still be cheaper for them to run large jobs. The smaller jobs on-demand jobs will be better served with digital printing.

There are some opportunities out there that can still bring value to your customers today.

1. Direct Mail

Direct mail is making a comeback. The US Postal service is making it easier to ship direct mail through programs like its EDDM program. Also, the creative pieces that stand out don’t get thrown away. Being creative with direct mail to stand out from the rest will help your customers take advantage.

2. Signs and Signage

People still need to draw prospects into their retail locations. Signs are the primary marketing tool to make this happen. If your customers do not have a visually inviting signage, they may not bring the traffic. This represents a big opportunity for print shops.

3. Point of Purchase Displays

Brands that sell in retail can always use good point of purchase displays to move product. While the marketing people come up with the ideas, you can help them use materials and print to make it happen. Taking orders only no longer works, you have to help provide a point of purchase solutions that generate results.

4. Posters

One of the oldest marketing tools around. Posters have been around since industrialization began. They are still hot items drawing attention to eyeballs where they are placed in any location. Can you deliver posters for your customers?

There are still some warm markets including:

  • Quick Printing
  • Business Cards
  • Inserts
  • Brochures
  • Graphic Finishing
  • Pamphlets
  • Book Printing

To name a few. Ask yourself, are you staying on top of the constant changes? It’s hard but doable. If you are not doing it, someone else is. Through change is the opportunity, find it.

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