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UV Coating Fluid and Winter Time Use

UV Coating works best at room temperaturepicture of document finished with uv coating

UV Coating fluid looks great when it is applied to your finished documents through your UV coating machine. Like a stick of butter, if the UV coating fluid is not at room temperature, it will be hard to spread on your documents.

With cold temperatures upon us, it is important to take care of your UV coating fluid. Here are steps you should take before you run it through your UV coating machine:

Step 1 – Let it reach room temperature

Your UV coating fluid has traveled to you from another state. It has been on the back of a UPS truck. The cold has altered the chemical and will not spread and cure properly through your UV coating machine. Make sure it gets to room temperature before you use it.

Step 2 – Shaken or Stirred.

Like paint, you need to either shake or stir your UV coating fluid before it goes into your UV coating machine. Again, it is important that after it has traveled, it gets the right attention, so it applies evenly on your documents and cures properly. After all, you don’t want to waste a penny when you are saving so much already.

UV Coating fluid, when applied, provides your documents with the right protection or shine to bring out the best in your printed material. To ensure the right performance, care needs to be taken in colder temperatures to ensure every project is perfect It’s not much more work, it’s just part of the process. If you following the steps given, your customers will be happy.

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