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How To Use A Round Corner Cutter To Round Stacks Of Paper

A Round Corner Cutter machine is what you need to do stacks of paper at a time. Without a machine, round cornering is one of the most manual processes of any print finish operation. As you know, the more time it takes you to do something, the less money you make.

Which Round Corner Cutter Machine?picture of the Akiles Diamond 5

So, what options are out there for you to run stacks at a time? There are a couple of options to consider. The 2 companies we recommend are either Lassco Wizer or Akiles.

The Lassco round corner cutters are heavy duty and stand alone machines that last forever. They also have a great interchangable die system. They have a couple of models that are popular including the CR-50P Electric which operates from a foot pedal. And, they have the CR-50XP which is pneumatic and hooks up to your air compressor.

Akiles has a good desktop round corner cutter in the Diamond 5. The Diamond 5 is perfect for cutting stacks of paper. In the following video, we ran a project which required that plastic id badges be rounded. As you can see in the video, our operator was cutting the badges stacks at a time. It was an all hands on deck project that was easy to complete with the Diamond 5.

Either the Diamond 5, the Lassco CR-50P or the Lassco CR-50XP can help you speed up production with running stacks at a time. While round cornering is still a manual process, these machines help automate the process by allowing you to cut stacks at a time.

Any questions? We have answers at 877-626-6848. Or you can download our Round Corner Buying Guide for more details.

download the round corner cutter buying guide

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