Comb Binding Demonstration from Lloyds of Indiana

A comb binding machine is one of the easiest, most economical ways to finish a document. Ever get that great document handed to you in a meeting? Do you look at it and think, nice? Or, do you simply expect it to be that way.

Ever wonder how it is done? Here is a demonstration on using a comb binding machine. This demonstration shows you how a print shop would do it. You can purchase either an manual or electric comb binding machine and do it in-house. It’s easy.

Lloyds of Indiana also carries a variety of multi-die binding punch machines including Rhin-O-Tuff, Akiles and Tamerica.

The binding machine we are using in our demonstration is a Rhin-O-Tuff Heavy Duty Punch available at our store.

Step one is we punch the document and the covers. Then, we put it all together using the comb binding machine.

It’s that simple.

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