picture of the lasso cr-55 corner rounder machine

4 Rules To Keep Your Round Corner Cutter Sharp

We get a lot of questions about corner rounder machines. Sometimes people try to use their machine in ways it was not meant to be used. So, here are 4 things you can do to make sure your corner rounder cutter is used properly.

1.  If you bought a paper die, it is not going to work on metal.corner rounder cutter

A common mistake people make is trying to use a paper corner rounder die on a metal piece. This is not a recommended use of a paper die because, it is just not going to work. Chances are the life of your die will be shortened through breakage or dulling.

2.  Don’t overload your die.

The other common mistake is that if you are using a 1/4” die, you are not going to be able to round 1/2” of cards or paper. That being said, there are some corner rounder cutters out there that can handle a larger stack than the average machine. The Lassco CR-55 Round Corner Cutter allows you to pretty much double your production of corner rounding projects and cut production time in half. For most machines though, you need to keep to the capacity it can handle.

3.  Empty the waste tray.

As you are punching your card stock, paper or laminate, it gets pushed into the waste tray. After each use, it needs to be emptied. If it is full, it will shorten the life of your blade. So, it is a good idea to keep the waste tray clean after each project.

4.  Keep your blades sharp.

There are a couple of ways to do this. You can have them sent out for sharpening. Or, you can purchase corner rounder replacement blades at the same cost you would pay to have someone sharpen them. The most important thing is to have sharp blades to ensure your projects are done.

Round Corner Cutters are the must have tool for any print finishing operation. For them to be effective, follow the 4 rules and they will last forever.