Super Precise Round Cornering Machines

akiles diamond 5 round corner machineRound cornering machines quickly remove the sharp corners on a piece (or thousands of pieces) of paper or plastic. The idea is to give that report or document a professionally finished look. They can also be used to round off the edges on printed ID tags, making them less sharp and less likely to catch on someone’s clothes or wallet.

What Does it Do?
Most corner rounding machines have one purpose – to round off sharp edges. Depending on the model, they can cut paper, plastic, laminates and even thin metal.

What Types Do You Have?
Lloyds of Indiana sells nine different kinds of corner rounding machines ranging from a basic, manually operated corner rounder (the Akiles Diamond 1) to massive machines designed to take on big jobs (the Lassco CR-50P).

If you’ve got a small job or an around-the-office need for occasional corner rounding, check out the Akiles Diamond 1. It’s well made, built to last and can take all types of materials (PVC, polyester, leather, paper, polypropeline, etc). It even lets you switch out the dies for specialty corners. Best of all, it’s a table-top, manual unit that’s easy to store.

For the bigger jobs, try something like the Lassco CR-50P, a pneumatic machine or the Akiles Diamond 5, an electric machine – both of these corner-destroying beasts will work with all standard materials and are designed to cut through thousands of corners.

Finally, if you’re printing in the sign industry and need a corner rounding machine that can tackle sharp metal, try the Lassco CR-60. It has a one-ton press capacity, is manually operated and definitely durable enough to handle the toughest of jobs.

So, How Much?
Our corner rounding machines range in price from $134.95 for the Akiles Diamond 1 all the way up to $1705 for the Lassco CR-50P. All the manual units, excluding the Lassco CR-60 (which sells for $697), sell for under $400. Meanwhile, the electric and pneumatic units start at $2400 and go up from there.

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