Are You Outsourcing Your Document Shredding? Danger!


For those of you young enough to remember, the robot that accompanied the Robinson family on the 1960s TV Show “Lost in Space” would say say that all the time. In the case of document shredding, there is indeed danger lurking around the corner. If you are using a document shredding company to take your documents and shred them off-site, you could be in danger.

Outsourced Shredding Company Employee Steals Customer Infodocument shredder from mbm destroyit line

In Fort Worth, TX, a driver for a Document Shredding Company did not shred the documents he picked up. He instead shared them with bad guys and it may cost millions. According to NBCDFW,

“A Fort Worth man who worked for a document shredding company did not destroy bank records and instead shared them with thieves, according to court documents.

The number of potential victims is in the thousands and the total loss may be in the millions of dollars, a law enforcement source told NBC DFW.

Patrick Doucet, 43, of Fort Worth, drove a truck for Cintas Document Management, police said. The Ohio-based company promotes its off-site shredding business as safe and secure.

Major businesses, including an insurance company, contracted with Cintas to destroy their customers’ records.”

There has always been inherent dangers of using shredding services for confidential data destruction. When you send documents out for destruction, you’re putting your company’s security in the hands of strangers.

The only way to know for sure your documents are being properly disposed is to shred them on-site, at the source. We recommend it be done with MBM Destroyit document shredders. Destroyit shredders can pretty much destroy anything, even hard drives. Did you know old hard drives are also susceptible to theft of data? An MBM Destroyit document shredder can destroy that data, so there is no way a thief can put it back together, even if they hire a bunch of kids like they did in the movie “Argo.”

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