Top 5 Laminating Pouches Used Today

Laminating pouches are still a popular item. There are at least 25+ different types and sizes at Lloyds of Indiana from 3 mil to 10 mil. So, what are the most popular ones out there today and how are they being used?

1. Letter Sizeletter size laminating pouches

Letter size is by far the most popular out there today. Letter size laminating pouches have a variety of uses. As an example, a customer of ours uses letter size to laminate his seasonal coaching plans for his soccer teams. By laminating the pages, it protects them from the elements when he is out on the field with his players. Business customers use laminating pouches to laminate interoffice call lists or safety signs. Schools get a lot of use out of letter size laminating pouches by posting important instructions on the walls to their students. Letter Size is by far one of the most versatile products available.

2. Luggage Tag Pouches

luggage tag laminating pouch

Luggage tag pouches are very popular right now. They are being used at many trade shows around the world. One way to use them is to laminate booth visitors business cards to marketing material they can use. Airlines will use them to promote destinations. Travel agents may use them to laminate their clients luggage tags for their  upcoming trip. Luggage tag pouches continue to be one of the more popular pouch available.

id badge

3. ID Badge Pouches

ID Badge pouches continue to be popular. It is easy to produce an id badge using a pouch lamination machine. Without the need to buy an expensive ID Badge System, you can print a picture and put it through a pouch laminator. It’s easy.

4. Menu Size Laminating Pouches

Menu laminating pouches are a nice size. You can print a large card or paper which can then be laminated using a menu laminating pouch. Menu laminating pouches are great for restaurants that want to vary their menus menu sizeseasonally. They can print their menus and run them through a laminating pouch. Or, of course, their printer can do it for them. Menu laminating pouches are almost indestructible, so they are perfect for a restaurant that hands them out to hundreds of people each day.

5. Custom Laminating Pouches

Al of people need custom pouches for whatever reason. They could be using them for game cards. They could be using them as part of a craft project. Custom laminating pouches are popular because they are cut to a specific size the customer needs. They tend to cost a little more than the precut sizes, but work great for any occasion needed.

Laminating pouches are still very popular and have a variety of uses. As I mentioned, at Lloyds of Indiana alone, we carry over 25 varieties in multiple thickness and strength. Check it out for your self at Lloyds Laminating Pouches section.

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