Pouch Laminators and Pouch Laminating Supplies

Pouch Laminators and Laminating Pouches

With trending demands for pouch laminators, pouch laminating equipment and pouch laminating supplies (laminating pouches) on the rise, finding the right pouch laminator for your specific needs can be tedious. Today’s post is about pouch laminating equipment and laminating supplies including: pouch laminator manufactures, types of laminating pouches, types of pouch laminators and our recommended pouch laminators and laminating pouch supplies highlights.

Types of Pouch Laminators

Generally speaking, there are only two predominate types of pouch laminators on the market today: cold pouch laminators and heated picture of Tamerica TCC160 Heavy Duty 6pouch laminators. Cold pouch laminators are (in our opinion) a large waste of money due to how cheap most cold pouch laminators are made. Also, cold pouch laminators never provide a long lasting laminate finishing; however, cold pouch laminators are efficient for extremely simple and low quality pouch laminating applications. On the other side of the pouch laminating spectrum, heated pouch laminators are ultimately the preferred way to go for any type of pouch laminating project, task or job. Heated pouch laminators are often constructed of higher grades of materials than cold pouch laminators, are used for extended periods of time (mostly for commercial and personal use), and can last a lifetime with proper maintenance. The best part of using a heated pouch laminator is the fact that it works for any type of pouch laminating (photo pouch laminating, simple ID laminating, certificate laminating, cover laminating, etc…), very well. More often than not if you see a type of pouch laminator, it’s a heated pouch laminator.

Most pouch laminators today range from 6 inches to up to around 40 inches in handling widths. Also, most heated pouch laminators require the use of laminating covers to protect the pouch laminator from over use and to ensure an overall quality of display of your final pouch laminated product.

Pouch Laminator Manufacturers

As the print finishing and laminating markets have shifted over time, a few provident pouch laminator manufactures are in existence today. Some of the most well known, and well trusted, pouch laminator manufacturers include: Akiles, Tamerica, Banner American (now known as Laminator Specialties), GBC, Lamitek, Fellows, Ledco and Purple Cows. Most of the pouch laminator manufacturers today offer both cold and heated pouch laminators.

Akiles is a well trusted brand in today’s print finishing industry. Aside from their extensive line of specialty binding machines, Akiles offers quality pouch laminators for any type of pouch laminating project. We actually love using Akiles pouch laminators more than using any other type of pouch laminator. This is mostly due to the fact that they are extremely durable and are very easy to use!

Tamerica also makes a very fine line of pouch laminators and other pouch laminating equipment. Our favorite part about using any of Tamerica’s pouch laminators is the fact that run like a steam engine. They are very fast and highly efficient when it comes to power consumption and laminating pouch supply usage.

Laminator Specialties pouch laminators are some of the most widely used commercial and home office heated pouch laminators today. Being that they were previously Banner American pouch laminators, their excellent quality and high durable use has not changed in the slightest.

Types of Laminating Pouches

Laminating pouches today come in all sorts of sizes and dimensions for both standardized and custom pouch laminating uses. The most common laminating pouches on the market today include: letter size laminating pouches, military size laminating pouches, jumbo size laminating pouches, card size laminating pouches, legal size laminating pouches, key card size laminating pouches, school size laminating pouches, menu size laminating pouches, photo size laminating pouches, special size laminating pouches, circulation size laminating pouches and extended circulation size laminating pouches.

Laminating pouches also come in a variety of thicknesses such as: 3mil, 5mil, 7mil and even 10mil as the generally accepted thicknesses in the industry.

Pouch Laminator Highlights

Today our featured pouch laminator is the Akiles Prolam 320 12.5in heated pouch laminator. This pouch laminator is one of our absolute favorites! With a 12.5in width most applications of pouch laminating are easily done with no problems, and best of all with no down time and very fast up time. Here are the quick specks of the Akiles Prolam 320 12.5in:

  • Extruded Aluminum Heat Plates: Guarantee a good and consistent heat distribution.
  • Four Silicon Rollers: Eliminate the need to use carriers while ensuring a constant feeding speed.
  • Built-in Electronic Circuit Board: Allows quick and exact temperature adjustments.
  • Gradual Temperature Control Allows an easy temperature adjustment when changing pouch thickness, pouch composition, or laminating different materials.
  • Independent Heat and Motor Switch: Allows the machine to be left on stand-by (heat ready) for hours without depreciating the motor, while eliminating the warm-up time when you need to laminate again.
  • Heavy-Duty Motor: Does not get tired or over-heat, even under the hardest working conditions.
  • Steel Gears: Guarantee strength and durability.
  • Easy To Use & Practical: It laminates with or without a carrier (we recommend the employment of carriers only when using 10mil (4/6) laminating pouches).
  • Durable:Given its heavy-duty motor, steel gears, silicone rollers, metal cover, etc., the Akiles ProLam is made to last.

Pouch Laminator and Pouch Laminating Supplies Distributor

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