Post-Press & Print Finishing Products Adds Profits

Add Profit and Value at the same time.

You can boost your bottom line dramatically by adding value to your printed products and selling your customers on post-press & print finishing services like laminating, inserting, bursting, decollating, binding and even shrink wrapping.

All of these processes not only improve the look of the final product, they increase the profits for you, the printer.

Why It Works
Valued added products like binding, corner rounding, or even simple laminating work because:

1. They can’t be copied in a digital or online form.
2. They add valuable post-press labor hours and revenues.
3. They’re unique and appealing to the customer.

Common Applications
When selling post-press & print finishing products, you need to think of what will appeal to your customer. For example, the client that does regular direct mail campaigns may be interested in adding on a promotional loyalty card to send out to customers. Or the customer ordering a run of parking permits could be interested in security options like UV printing or coding.

Maybe that customer who regularly prints forms would be interested in perfing or adding on removable response cards. The trick is to examine every project and ask yourself if there’s an opportunity to add functionality to it with post-press services.

You don’t have to make it a hard sell, but often a friendly suggestion to your customers will not only boost the overall sale, but also demonstrate your interest in the project.

Most important, you are offering solutions that other print shops are not able to handle. Nor, are they up to date on the best post-press solutions that support your customer’s business.

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