Akiles Wiremac Duo Combo 2:1 Pitch And 3:1 Pitch Wire Binding Machine Review

When you wire bind a document, you usually have to choose between a 2:1 pitch and a 3:1 pitch punch and wire pattern depending on the size of your document. In the past, that also meant having to choose between two pieces of binding equipment, one for handling 2:1 and another for 3:1.

Akiles WireMac Combo (Comb-Wire) Binding Systems (Akiles WireMac Combo (Comb-Wire))

Who it’s ForLuckily, the Akiles Wiremac Duo Combo 2:1 Pitch Wire and 3:1 Pitch Wire Binding Machine is capable of handling both types, all in one machine.

The Akiles Wiremac Duo Combo binding equipment is a solid choice for print shops, institutions, or a bindery that wants the option of choosing between a 2:1 and 3:1 without having two machines.

Why? Because one machine means one upfront cost, one maintenance schedule and one space to occupy. That’s appealing to a lot of bindery and print outfits.

The Pros

  • First and foremost, it’s not a unitasker. Instead of punching and binding your smaller documents in a too-big 3:1 pitch wire, you can now opt to use 2:1 without having to farm it out or purchase a second piece of binding equipment.
  • There are two separate punching throats, meaning less wear and tear on each individual throat. Both are open, have continuous guides and come equipped with fully disengagable punch pins.
  • Can punch and bind legal documents (14″ in length) in one step. Larger documents can be done using a two-step process.
  • Wire closer is included and built in to the front of the machine. It’s easy, right in front of you and extremely accurate.

The Cons

  • Despite working with several varying pitches of spiral coil (not just wire), the Akiles Wiremac Duo Combo binding machine does not include a coil inserter.
  • You’re limited to the document thickness and diameter restrictions of both 3:1 and 2:1 pitch double loop wire. However, this limitation exists for all wire binding equipment in this class and is more a drawback of the binding method than the machine itself.
  • There’s a learning curve. Because the Akiles Wiremac Duo Combo is somewhat of an all-in-one piece of binding equipment, there are a lot of features on it. As a result, new users are faced with a lot more handles, buttons and knobs and may need a little more training.
  • Final Verdict

  • If you’re a copy shop, binder, institution, office or small printer looking for a solid wire binder that can do both 2:1 pitch and 3:1 pitch, the Akiles Wiremac Duo Combo is a solid choice.
  • The Akiles Wiremac Duo Combo is not a high-volume piece of binding equipment, but it is versatile, affordable, well-made and durable.

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