Print Shops Need To Automate to Dominate

Ever wonder how other print shops can offer such low prices? Automation. In today’s market automation is the key to keeping competitive. Utilizing automation can boost your productivity by 30%. Some key areas that benefit from automation are cutting, slitting, creasing, laminating, and book binding.

Slitting, Cutting, and Creasing with the MBM Aerocut G2MBM Aerocut Machine

The MBM Aerocut G2 is a versatile machine that does the work of three and can streamline the finishing of many core products. For example, you can use one to automate business card cutting. A combination slitter, cutter, and creaser can perform multiple slits, cuts, and creases in a single pass on around 25 sheets per minute. And you can do more than just automate business card cutting, some models offer decorative features like embossing.

Why buy three separate machines when you can literally stack documents and push a button to get it done. Business card production now becomes profitable again.


Lamination is useful for items like restaurant menus, maps, and brochures. There are two main types of machines used to automate laminating. Pouch laminators, which are mainly for smaller batches of smaller items, such as photos, ID cards, or single documents. Coming in sizes up to 60 inches, roll laminators are a great tool for businesses to automate laminating. Being fed by a roller, they are very fast and effective. Some models offer built in cutters for adjustable customized sizing.

Internal temperature monitors in heated roll laminators ensure the uniform laminating of a single project or for changing between The

Ledco Complete High Speed Lamination SystemThe Ledco Complete High-Speed Laminating System has the full automation package that includes a feeder, roll laminator and cutter for wide format lamination. It is on the high end, but requires minimal human intervention to operate and can process volume you would otherwise not be able to manage.

Book Binding

Whether you’re printing reports, presentations, or books on demand, automating book binding can speed up the process. Book binding machines offer many different types of options depending on your needs, but they all have two things in common. They give you an impressive, professional looking product, and by automating book binding, they help you create that product quickly and efficiently.

By automating your print shop, you can complete jobs more quickly and efficiently. You can keep your prices down, be more competitive for jobs, and finish more jobs in less time. Increasing automation means increasing your bottom line.

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