8 Things You Can Make With A Roll Laminator

Now that you own a roll laminator, it’s time to put it to work to make money for you or save time.

Let’s consider eight simple roll laminating projects to get you “rolling”.roll laminator items

First, how about some placemats? If you have customers who own a restaurant or want to offer consumers custom placemats for home use, a roll laminator can get the job done.

As well, placemats have uses outside of the kitchen – in the classroom, for example. This is especially true for young learners who have a difficult time coloring and painting within the lines, gluing their works of art or any classroom activity that tends to be messy.

Laminated counter mats make perfect marketing material if you have walk up customers to your store or restaurant. These can be easily produced by roll laminators.

Next, an extremely practical use – bookmarks. A laminated bookmark is much nicer than folding the corner of the page. It makes a great marketing tool for a customer’s business or your business? Roll laminators allow you to produce multiple bookmarks at a time for a low cost for each item.

While we are speaking of books, why not laminate the book cover that came with your book. You can make custom book covers printed with cardboard and laminate them through a roll laminator. For finishing, you can punch the covers with coil or wire to create your own book.

Next, how about a laminated business card – a very classy item that speaks volumes about the owner and not likely to get tossed in the trash.

ID tags for employees or guests to your place of business can be easily produced and are much more professional than slapping a sticky tag on a visiting CEO.

Phone lists for use at the office or home are perfect candidates for a roll laminator. Office phone lists have a tendency to wear out quickly and get covered with coffee spills but a laminated version is durable and easily wiped clean.

Lastly, let’s consider luggage tags. Whether for personal use or as a give-away promotional item you can be as creative as you want. As a marketing item, it is not likely to be thrown away and as a personal item, it can contain all your important information (e.g. alternative addresses, phone numbers, etc).

This has been a starter kit of ideas for roll laminating but the list is virtually endless – limited only by your requirements and imagination. Roll lamination machines can produce large quantities of items at a lower cost per piece than using other laminating approaches.

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