Akiles Diamond 5 Demonstration

We are demonstrating the Akiles Diamond 5 – Round Corner Machine.

The Akiles Diamond 5 Round Corner Machine allows you to finish documents with round corners including: document covers, laminating pouches, pictures, id badges, invitations, postcards, direct mail pieces.

You can round these items using various sized dies including 1/8 “, 1/4″, 3/8”, straight and half moon.

Lloyds of Indiana carries the Akiles Diamond 5 Round Corner Machine, Akiles Diamond 6 Round Corner Machine and the Akiles Diamond 7 Round Corner Machine.

By using a Round Corner Machine, you can increase your production to larger quantities of jobs. It takes what could be a manual process and automates so you can do many at a time.

If you anticipate doing large numbers of round cornering projects the adjustable table found on the Akiles Diamond 6 round corner machine or the Akiles Diamond 7 is what you will need.

Either way, you can always find everything you need at lloydsofindiana.com or you can call us at 877-626-6848.

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