Laminating Pouches for Coaching Materials

Believe it or not, laminating pouches have their place on a soccer field, football field or lacrosse field. Coaches can have their seasonal coaching plans laminated for easy transport. They can keep the information they need to properly train their players without worrying about ruining the material in any weather.  They can also be written on with erasable ink to highlight points to players.  If you’re looking for a great way to protect your coaching plans you need a laminating machine.laminating pouches for coaching material

What type of lamination machine do you need?

A pouch laminator is a machine that laminates documents that are placed in a laminating pouches. They can be used for laminating report covers, photographs, business cards and much more. Laminating machines come in many different types and sizes. The smallest machines are about four-inches wide, with typical machines being about 12-inches wide. They are suitable for moderate use in the office or at home. For commercial laminating/bulk laminating you should use a roll laminator.

Pouch laminating is a process whereby you put documents that you want to laminate into laminating pouches and pass it through the laminating machine to squeeze out any excess air and bubbles. The end product is a perfectly sealed document. Laminating pouches have a heat-activated film that sticks to the documents being laminated as they pass through the machine.

Many laminating machines need to use a pouch carrier to protect the rollers. As the lamination pouch runs through the rollers, small amounts of glue are occasionally squeezed out of the pouches and can damage the machine. Carriers have a non-stick surface which stops the hot glue from jamming the machine.

What equipment do you need?

Laminating your coaching materials will save time reprinting materials that have been damaged. Coaching plans will be portable in any weather condition. You can play in a hurricane and your coach’s material will not get damaged. Coaches need to stay focused on the important things like working with their players.

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