5 Ways Realtors Can Use New Printing Technology

Realtors are always looking for new ways to find buyers for their homes, whether it’s the Yellow Pages advertising, sponsoring a little league team, or putting your face on a bus stop bench. A lot of Realtors are trying to find new ways to reach out to people, thinking that the old school ways just aren’t working.

But there are some new printing technologies that can make you stand out from the crowd. Here are a few we can recommend:

1. Variable Data Direct Mail Postcards

Direct mail is still effective, especially as fewer people are using it. That may sound counterintuitive, but think about it. The less mail everyone gets, the more your piece will stand out. And you can make it really stand out by customizing a postcard for each recipient. Rather than just printing their name and address, what if the entire postcard could be tailored to them, addressed to them, and include photos that will appeal to them? Variable data postcards improve direct mail read rates significantly, and can help you find new buyers and sellers.

2. UV Coated Business Cards

You may have seen them, the high-glossy, ultra-shiny business cards. They seem thicker, classier, and just, well, successful. But they’re really not that expensive, they only seem like it. It’s possible to have a UV coating applied during the printing process. The coating makes the colors really pop, so this is your chance to create some very colorful, vibrant cards.

3. Glossy Sell Sheets

Typically, when people think of brochures, they think they’re expensive and require an order of 5,000 sheets or more just to be cost effective. Not anymore. Thanks to the new digital printing technology, you can print as many pieces as you need. Plus, it doesn’t cost any more to print to glossy paper, so sell sheets look high-end and very professional. But don’t just stick these out in the box in front of the house. Save them for open houses and special clients. Use them especially for high-end homes, to give it that extra touch of class.

4. Variable Data For Sale Signs

I’ve driven through neighborhoods before, and stopped at the houses for sale to read the sell sheets, but found they’d run out. I’d like to know more about the house, but will often forget to visit the website or come back later to see if any more sell sheets are available. So what if you could have a permanent sell sheet in place that told people the main features of the house? By printing to a large piece of gator board or even plywood, you can create a truly “hard copy” of your sell sheet that’s always around. Work with a print shop that has a wide-format printer to create these sales tools, and add a new tool to your marketing toolbox. The ink is UV-cured, which means it’s weather- and fade-resistant, and you’re limited only by your own imagination in terms of design and color.

5. Car signs

With the same wide format printer, it’s possible to put UV-cured inks on nearly any surface. We’ve printed on ceramic tiles, plywood, and even a door. So it’s a snap to print a sign on magnetic film, which you can easily put on your car door. We’ve seen Realtors who have vinyl lettering on their car windows, but that starts to peel and crack after a summer. But, the UV inks, which can also be coated using the same technology as the UV Coated Business Cards, will last for years. Put your photo, logo, phone number, and website on the sign, and your car can be your business card as you drive around town.

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