Variable Data Sales Literature

You’re going to a conference, do you bring along the same old generic sales literature you brought to the last trade show? Or, do you bring event-specific brochures and business cards that highlight your products and services that are pertinent to the industry you’re targeting right now?

Printing is cheap now, cheaper than it’s ever been. With the advent of ultraviolet printing, it’s gotten even cheaper. Thanks to UV curable inks and digital printing, you can do short runs on a tight time budget for a fraction of what you might have paid 5-10 years ago. So, again, I ask, why are you printing your sales literature in bulk and settling for generic information?

Variable data sales literature lets you:

  • Customize brochures to the event you’re attending. For example, you could include your hospitality suite information and booth number right on your literature.
  • Target specific customers and entrepreneurs. Are you chasing a big client? Now’s your chance to impress them with a focused, targeted and branded brochure specific to their needs.
  • Highlight your presence in a specific location. Have branches across the state or country? Don’t settle for generic, nationwide sales literature – get specific.
  • Stay up to date. Stop handing out sales literature with old prices, old staff and old products. Short UV runs make sure you’re always up to date.
  • Access high quality at a low cost. I see a lot of entrepreneurs at trade shows trying to utilize variable data with home inkjets and office lasers. It never looks good and usually ends up costing close to the cost of an affordable UV printing run. Save yourself time and money and just go pro

So, instead of printing enough brochures to last you for two years’ worth of trade shows, start utilizing variable data and focus on short runs that are targeted and specific. You’ll pull more people in, ensure your literature is always up to date and you can do it all for a minimal cost.

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