Heavy Duty Coil Machine Looking for a Needy Office

Tired of coil and binding systems that bunch up or get caught? Sick of wasting time having to feed in each document perfectly? If this sounds like you, the Akiles CoilMac ECI Coil Binding System could change your world (well, maybe not your whole world, but definitely the small percentage of it that revolves around document processing).

What Does it Do?

With a clean and accurate punch every time, the Akiles ECI coil binder minimizes tearing and bunching and can handle up to 17 sheets at once. Meanwhile, the side margin control features offer an evenly centered punch on all document sizes. And when you’re done, the disengagement pins make removing the document simple and frustration-free, no more wrenching a coil-binded document out of the binder.

The Akiles ECI system also features a foot pedal operated electric roller inserter. This leaves your hands free to insert and remove documents, making the whole coiling and binding process much faster. It’s amazing, but this simple little feature can drastically reduce your time and labor costs.

And How Much Does it Cost?

All three models of Akiles CoilMac ECI Coil Binding System sells at Lloyd’s of Indiana for the same low price of $639. Each unit purchase include a 1-year warranty and the option to purchase an extended warranty through Lloyd’s.

You can get more information on the Akiles CoilMac systems here.

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