Green Printing Solutions for your Desktop Printer

We’re all about green printing here at Lloyd’s of Indiana. UV inks, soy inks, and recycled paper all used in the printing industry.

But once in a while, we find something so cool outside the industry that we just have to share it.

I recently heard about GreenPrint software, a Windows and Mac software plug-in that solve a problem we’ve all had: that wasted page with just a URL, banner ad, legal disclaimer, or single word.

I don’t know how many times we’ve pitched those into the recycling bin. Sure that paper is getting reused, but when you consider how much time, energy, money, and resources went into the effort of making that sheet of paper, only to have a single line printed on it and recycled without ever being seen, you can see the problem.

Green Print software will remove unwanted pages, decide what to print, and even track the pages you don’t print and the amount of money you’ve saved.

While it’s not strictly in the printing industry, we like Green Print because it’s all about green printing and saving money and the earth. Good job, guys!

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