Looking for an 18” Rotary Cutter?

Need a paper cutter that’s safe, stable and accurate? Try the Akiles RollBlade High Precision 18” Rotary Trimmer. The RollBlade actually comes in two sizes, and the first is the RollBlade 1815 which can handle up to 18” in trimming length.

What Does it Do?
Unlike a guillotine paper cutter, the Akiles RollBlade High Precision 18” Rotary Trimmer is a rotary trimmer, meaning it has a self-sharpening Tungsten rotary blade that spins and cuts every time you push it across the paper. The blade is encased in a comfortable carriage that slides along an adjustable and precise alignment guide.

The design is more accurate and more stable than a standard guillotine paper cutter and it’s also safer. That makes the Akiles RollBlade ideal for classrooms or even any environment where non-experienced paper cutters will be using the equipment.
In exchange for stability, usability and accuracy, you’ll be giving up the power of a guillotine cutter, meaning fewer sheets at once. However, the Akiles can handle up to 15 sheets at a time (2.0mm in total thickness).

And How Much Does it Cost?
The RollBlade currently sells for $345.00 on our website. For more information on the Akiles RollBlade High Precision 18” Rotary Trimmer, visit our website.

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