Lloyds Announces new Laminating Machine and Laminating Supply Promotions

Lloyds of Indiana today announced the implementation of an exciting new incentive program for customers to their Lloyds of Indiana site, featuring a marriage of MP3 and MP4 technologies and discounted laminating machines and laminating supplies.

With each purchase of 250.00 USD from the laminating supplies and machinery site, Lloyds will give you an MP3 player at no cost to you.

When you visit Lloyds web site and spend 500.00 USD on products ranging from id printing systems to binding machines to laminating machines, you will receive an MP4 video player free of charge.

Schools, offices, libraries and hospitals spend thousands of dollars each year to have materials laminated that they could do themselves, saving time and money. Lloyds offers laminating machines from Ledco and Banner at discount prices and rock bottom pricing on laminating supplies such as the pouch style laminating supplies as well as roll laminators for larger documents, either of which will be perfect for your business needs.

Even at discounted prices, Lloyds still offers top notch customer support and service. Additionally the afford an industry exclusive offer of free technical support on the products you purchase for your lifetime. When Lloyd’s says” satisfaction guaranteed”, it isn’t just an industry phrase, it’s the only way they do business.

For details on the promotional event and any other questions on laminating machines or supplies visit Lloyd’s of Indiana, at https://www.lloydsofindiana.com

Press Contact: Garry Jones
2136 E. 52nd Street
Indianapolis, IN 46205
Local: (317) 251-5430

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