Lloyds of Indiana offers GBC Compatible Laminating Supplies

Lloyd’s, as part of their commitment to value and service to their customers now offers high quality GBC™ compatible laminating supplies at a great price to the consumer.

GBC ™  laminating machines and laminating supplies are among the best known in the business and professional world. They are also among the most costly supplies to use for your machines.

Most of these machine owners erroneously believe that when they purchase laminating supplies for their machines they must be GBC brand. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are several types of laminating supplies which work just as well as GBC laminating supplies, but will be more cost effective and work well with  your particular machine.

By making a simple phone call to Lloyd’s of Indiana or visiting lloydsofindiana.com, you can find a number of lower cost laminating supplies that will work with your particular GBC machine, and save  a bundle in the process.  Lloyds offers great prices on high quality laminating pouches and roll laminating film which will be compatible with your present GBC laminating machine.

Lloyd’s of Indiana is a full service dealer in laminating machines and laminating supplies. Lloyds is committed to high quality at the lowest price they can offer, while backing each purchase you make with superior customer service and support.

For details on laminating machinery and supplies visit Lloyds of Indiana at https://www.lloydsofindiana.com

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