Tips for Success: REVO Eco-Coat

Tips For Success: REVO Eco-Coat

One of the biggest complaints we receive is about the odor associated with UV coating fluid. Even after offering Odor Free coatings from REVO, we still occasionally receive calls, or bad reviews online, stating that these coatings have a strong smell. So, what’s the deal?

No-Odor UV Coating Fluid

First off, what does it mean when we say “No-Odor” or “Odor Free?” Traditional UV coating fluid contains solvents to keep the fluid, well, fluid. These solvents produce an odor on their own, but when you apply heat during application, the smell can be downright noxious. You need to vent the air inside your print shop to the outside to avoid potential health issues associated with the odor and chemical outgassing. In highly populated areas, this even leads to neighbor complaints.

UV Coated printREVO recognized the issue and began developing UV coating fluids that boasted Low-Odor, that contained less solvent. SureCoat® Low-Odor UV coating fluids were a step in the right direction, with no volatile organic compounds (VOC). But it was not odor-free.

While SureCoat was a success, last year Lloyd’s switched our REVO offerings to their new Eco-Coat® line of ODOR FREE UV coating fluid. Eco-Coat boasts no solvents and no VOCs, both of which produce those noxious fumes you are probably used to. In our own print operation, we have found that we no longer need to vent the area when using REVO Eco-Coat. But we continue to receive odor complaints from customers.

Shut off the IR

REVO’s new formulation for Eco-Coat not only eliminates those nasty chemicals that produced such a strong smell, it eliminates the need for the IR step while coating. Once again, the new Eco-Coat is not your traditional coating. While other coatings require an infrared stage to activate and spread, Eco-Coat naturally flows at a lower temperature. Turn off the IR heat system when using Eco-Coat!

The smell customers are experiencing while using Eco-Coat is actually from overheating. They are cooking the coating! When used correctly, Eco-Coat should not produce any offending odors.

Call the Experts

As we tell all of our customers, give us a call if you ever have any issues with ANY of our products. We have been in the printing business for over 30 years. We actually use the products we sell. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer your questions and walk you through the proper procedures to achieve the best results in your own operation.

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