Paper Cutters: Keep an Extra Cutter Blade

Dull Cutter Blade Is Bad For Paper Cutters

Paper Cutters Cutter BladeWe sell a lot of paper cutters to print shops that need to cut stacks of paper at a time. We often recommend that customers buy an extra blade to go with their cutter, as blades will dull. When they do, it always happens when you need to get a big job done.

So, often we get a desperate phone call to get a blade sharpened for paper cutters. The challenge with getting the sharpened is they require to go out to a specialty shop to get sharpened. It requires precision sharpening so the blade is not damaged in any way. If the blade is damaged, it can come back with the wrong height on either edge.

This means it will take 5-10 business days to complete. If you have a project that needs to be done, 5-10 business days is not a possibility.

What do do?

We strongly recommend purchasing a spare blade for high volume operations. If your primary blade dulls and needs to be sent out for sharpening, a spare blade removes any stress from completing a project.

The cost for a spare blade can run from $225 on the low end to $510 on the high for the bigger cutters. Blade sizes range from 19.25 to 33.125 in length.

So, the ROI to consider is how much would it cost you to be down for 5-10 days while the blade is out for sharpening. Is it between $200-$500 then having a 2nd cutter blade for your paper cutters is worth having.

So, why wait 5-10 business days to get it sharpened, when you can just swap out cutter blades with a spare?