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Are GBC Machines Good Value in Binding Machines or Laminating Machines?

GBC Parts and ServicePerson thinking about binding machines and laminating machines

In addition to sales of both Binding Machines and Laminating Machines, we get a lot of service requests. We get a lot of service requests for GBC binding machines which we gladly fix. The challenge most of the time is finding the parts.

For their older machines that are no longer in their catalog, it is not easy to find the parts. GBC does not stock parts for machines that are no longer manufactured. It seems like their product cycles fall just short of the requirement to carry parts for those products. Our interpretation is they want you to buy a new machine, instead of fixing the old one.

There is a way to fix GBC binding machines. We have gotten around fixing a GBC laminator or GBC binding machine by finding the exact part needed.

Which goes back the question, are they a good value?

I would say no. One of our customers who was in the market for a new wide-format laminator decided to go used instead. He saved a couple of bucks up front but has since called us to have several repairs were done which have added up to the cost of what a new machine would have been. Now, it is really not nice to say, “I told you so.” And, we didn’t. But, we have since worked with the customer to repair his GBC laminator.

Our customers have had good luck with the brands we carry including:

1. Akiles
2. Ledco
3. Tamerica
4. Rhin-o-tuff

And, others at our website.

So, the value is measured by the reliability of the product and the ability to get the parts and service when needed. And of course, the profit from producing items your binding machine or laminating machine provides. For all the products we sell, we provide lifetime support and service. We will also help you with any machine you did not buy from us. That is how we have gotten a lot of experience fixing GBC machines.

If you need help, you can always call us at 877-626-6848. We can always help you fix it.