Commercial Binding Machine: Akiles Versamac Series Review

If you are doing high volume document preparation, a commercial binding machine is what you should consider getting. Or, maybe you have purchased several binding machines over the years to do coil, comb, or wire. You are finding they no longer suit your needs because they can not keep up with the demand. If this is the case, it is time to upgrade to a commercial binding punch machine like the Akiles Versamac.

Akiles Versamac Plus commercial Binding Machine

What makes a commercial binding machine better?

An industrial machine is made for heavy duty use. It generally can handle bigger stacks of paper, it allows for interchangeable use, and helps speed up your punching. There are a couple of Versamac machines that can be utilized in a commercial office environment. The Versamac and the Versamac +.

Both binding machines feature a multi-die system that allows for a variety of punches including coil, comb, wire or 3 ring binders. This is a standard feature on both the Versamac and the Versamac +. Both machines can handle a variety of punches and multiple dies including:

  • Wire – 2:1 and 3:1
  • Comb
  • Coil
  • 3 Hole
  • Velo
  • Additional Wire and Coil punches


Akiles Punch Die Patters

With a larger punch machine, you can punch up to 55 sheets of paper at a time using a foot pedal or a wrist switch. With the multiple dies, you can easily accommodate all the different requirements your office may need for document creation. This makes document production go faster and easier than individual machines for punching paper.

The Versamac + is a little different commercial binding machine. It is a semi-automatic machine that takes a lot of the manual work away. It can handle up to 500 sheets a minute. It stacks up to 1500 pages a time. It too has an interchangeable die system. You punch your sheets, it will then move the punched document over to be stacked. It can handle up to 14” width of the paper. It also has an excellent 3-year warranty.

So, if you have outgrown your current binding operation, it is time to consider a commercial binding machine like the Versamac series from Akiles. The interchangeable dies make it versatile, it can handle up to 55 sheets and process your book binding quicker to lower production costs.