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Roll Lamination Film: More than Gloss and Matte

Most roll lamination film projects are limited to either Gloss or Matte textures. There are far more options available on the market to give your customers different textures and finishes that stand out. As an example, in addition to matte and gloss, D&K’s Pressure Sensitive Brilliance lamination film line can give you both a luster and canvas finish. The other D&K Roll Lamination Film has, even more, options to consider.

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D&K Brilliance Pressure Sensitive Roll LaminationD&K Brilliance Luster Vinyl UV Pressure Sensitive Laminate

Brilliance PSA Vinyl Laminates are a low-cost solution for pressure sensitive applications. These overlaminates are good for both indoor and outdoor applications. They contain UV inhibitors to protect your client’s brand from harmful UV rays. They offer 4 finishes in 3 mil and 4 mil thickness including:

  • Gloss
  • Matte
  • Luster
  • Canvas – (4mil)

D&K Pressure Sensitive UV Roll Lamination FilmD&K Pressure Sensitive roll lamination film

D&K’s Pressure Sensitive Laminates are a high-quality roll lamination film with an even run and smooth finish. They have a large variety of finishes and application thickness. You can get them at 1 mil up to 15 mil depending on the style you select. Again, you are not stuck with gloss or matt as the only option. The following applications are available from D&K:

  • Pressure Sensitive UV Polyester Gloss?
  • Pressure Sensitive UV Vinyl Luster?
  • Pressure Sensitive UV Vinyl Matte?
  • Pressure Sensitive UV Vinyl Textured?
  • Pressure Sensitive Polycarbonate?
  • Pressure Sensitive UV Hardcoat Gloss?
  • Pressure Sensitive UV Vinyl Sandex?
  • Pressure Sensitive UV Vinyl Canvas?
  • Pressure Sensitive UV Vinyl Gloss?
  • Pressure Sensitive Diamond Hard Velvet Matte

D&K Superstick Heat Activated UV Roll Lamination FilmPicture of superstick wide format lamination samples

Here are the heat activated roll lamination from D&K. Superstick Heat Assist Vinyl laminates are a linerless heat activated laminate. The importance is it allows for a flexible application on sensitive prints due to low activation temperatures of 150 degrees F to 200 degrees F.

SuperStick Heat Activated Vinyl Laminates are what you use for wide-format and digital prints, including photo paper, and other hard-to-stick-to prints. It comes in 3mil to a 10mil thickness depending on the style you select. In addition to Gloss and Matte, you can get:

  • Textured
  • Sandtex
  • Brushstroke
  • Canvas

D&K Thermal Low-Temp. UV Polyester Commercial Roll Lamination Film

D&K’s line of thermal low-temperature ultraviolet (UV) polyester laminates are ideal for most any application including signs, banners, posters, and trade show exhibit graphics. These lower melting films “wet” out at temperatures between 180 degrees and 200 degrees F and offer UV protection against fading caused by indoor lighting and indirect sunlight.

The lower melting adhesive on these films offers more functionality as they will stick to a wider variety of substrates. Available in:

  • Glass
  • Matte
  • Luster
  • Diamond Hard Matte


With all these options, you can help[ your clients get creative with their finishes. It just does not have to be matte and gloss only to consider.

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