Luggage Tag Laminating Pouches For Your Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are an effective way to meet people and potential customers for your product or service. If trade show boothyou are a brand that has a lot of budget to take over all the key footpaths, they are great. If you are a small company working a small budget, you have to come up with creative ways to get people to your booth.

Before you even consider going to a trade show, you have to decide what success metrics is going to be:

  1. How many attendees?
  2. How many people do we need to get to the booth?
  3. How many leads can we get out of those attendees?

So, gimmicks will draw people into your booth. You can do giveaways. One simple solution is the use of Luggage Tag with slot laminating pouches. All you need is a small pouch laminator like an Akiles Prolam APL 100 4” laminator and luggage tag laminating pouches with a slot. You can design nice cards and to laminate your visitors business card into the laminating pouch. After all, who doesn’t want a nice luggage tag?

So, are you a marketing manager looking for a simple solution for offering a free giveaway to visitors to your booth? Luggage tag laminating pouches could work for you.

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