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Direct Mail Equipment Checklist

Creative direct mail Direct mail is making a comeback to people’s mailboxes. With variable printing, it makes it real easy for your customers to order direct mail campaigns. The most effective direct mail campaigns include some kind of offer or action the prospect can take. Could be to direct them to a webpage to sign up for the sweepstakes. Or, the direct mail piece includes a coupon they can take to a retail location. The question is, do you have the right direct mail equipment to handle the work?

So, what are the machines you would need to support a direct mail campaign for your customers?

Here are some of the machines that you could need depending on what are supporting for your customers.

Finishing Equipment for Post Card Campaigns:

Today, you can do some creative marketing with postcards. UV Coating or Lamination can protect the postcard from damage when mailed. They also offer interesting textures to allow for touch sensitive as well as visual appeal for prospects to take action on the post card.

Mailing Equipment:

Some customers may want to send an envelope with an enclosed marketing flyer. Without the right equipment, it can be a labor intensive project. With the right envelope printer, you can offer the ability to provide creative envelopes that stand out from the plain white envelopes that show up in a mailbox. Paper folders and document inserters totally automate a process that would take forever to do manually.

Direct mail is making a comeback. Having the right direct mail equipment to support your client’s marketing efforts will ensure you can deliver effective campaigns in a timely manner. By automating the process, your delivery turnaround can be fast.

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