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Looking for a UV Coating Machine?

It’s been a good year. Business is bouncing back. The job market is tightening up. Companies are UV Coating Machine for salespending on marketing materials again. So, now you have some extra cash and you know you have to spend some before the end of the year. If you examine your projects, did you find yourself sending your UV Coating projects outside to get done? Maybe it’s time to get your own UV Coating Machine to keep those profits in-house.

There are several UV Coating Machines to choose. For print shops, there are 3 primary manufacturers to choose. (Well 4 maybe, but the 4th one is not recommended).

Duplo machines are on the high-end of the UV Coating machine spectrum. For a small print shop, we generally recommend either Tec Lighting or American Ultraviolet. Both are good companies with varying degrees of differences. Tec Lighting’s products are primarily manufactured in China while American Ultraviolet is made in the USA. The difference here is in parts. It may be easier to get replacement parts from American Ultraviolet than Tec Lighting.

Tec Lighting has the smallest UV Coating machine with their XtraCoat Mini which is a 14” Coater that can be used in any small space. If you are a UPS Store or Mailbox store that is offering some printing services, you could have a XtraCoat Mini in your store. The biggest consideration for you would be the UV Coating fluid you are using. We recommend REVO low odor UV Coating fluid, so it does not smell up your small space.

After the Tec Lighting XtraCoat Mini, both Tec Lighting and American Ultraviolet have larger machines that are easy to operate and easy to maintain. Both are easy to keep clean and roller changes can be done in a short period of time.

We do have a complete UV Coating Buying Guide available. If you want to get the details on both UV Coating Machines and UV Coating Fluid, you can download it here:

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