tec lighting xtracoat mini uv coating machine

Most Popular UV Coating Machine: Tec Lighting XtraCoat Mini

UV Coating Machine Review: Tec Lighting XtraCoat Mini

We sell a lot of UV Coating Machines at Lloyds of Indiana. We also sell a lot of UV Coating Fluid too. Oh, and we provide parts and service on all UV Coating Machines purchased at Lloyds of Indiana. The most popular machine that is purchased is Tec Lighting’s XtraCoat Mini Machine. It is a 14” wide feed that is perfect for a small Print Shop or if you are running a UPS Shipping Store. It’s small size makes any small print shop capable of producing high-quality documents protected with UV coating. You can coat anything you want with the Mini including paper that is 100lb text to 30 point weight. Some of the items you can make with a XtraCoat Mini include:

  • Business Cardstec lighting xtracoat mini uv coating machine
  • Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Book Covers
  • Direct Mail
  • Vinyl
  • Plastics

This machine is a work horse and can help your clients lower their cost of marketing material production at half a penny for a 12” x 18” sheet. Like all UV Coating Machines, the most important thing to remember is to properly clean them after every use to ensure proper function and optimal performance. When you purchase your machine through Lloyds of Indiana, we will make sure you are up and running in no time. We will always be there to help you maximize its performance and do any repairs as needed. Of course, you will need UV Coating Fluid for your Mini. We recommend REVO Coatings Low Odor coatings. If you are putting your machine in a small space, the low odor-high quality finish from REVO Coatings is 2nd to none. Need more detailed information? Download our UV Coating Buying Guide.