Business Card Design Works

In the age of smartphones, do business cards still work? After all, don’t people just scan your business card into their phones? Like all things with print today, the answer is yes they do work if you do them right. It’s about good design.

We have talked about the different ways to market using print today. UV Coating, over laminates, or paper stock can make the difference if someone keeps your card or not. Good design will always win for you. People are drawn to shiny objects. Your business card can be one for you. It projects one of the 1st impressions they have for your brand.

Does your print shop support creating unique business cards for clients? Can you fulfill their requests for unique substrates and overlaminates? Do you have UV Coating machine to coat their cards with either a gloss, matte or satin finish?

Here are a few examples of good business card design that stands apart:

Design by Underwood Letterpress
Design by Underwood Letterpress
By Tough Slate Design
Design by TRÜF
Design by TRÜF
by Letter & Press
By Tough Slate Design

Do you have the equipment to help your customers with producing their creative designs? Check out a business card cutter, laminating machines or UV Coating machines at Lloyds.

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