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Kentucky Fried Instant Photo Printer

Here is an interesting story circulating. KFC is developing a “Memories Bucket” that allows you to instantly print photos from a bucket of chicken. The story is that it is being developed to celebrate 60 years of being in Canada.

So, here is the idea, you buy chicken in a photo bucket. The bucket has a Bluetooth printer. You can download software to your phone. Take pictures around your picnic table and automatically print them. It’s a pretty cool idea. If you are lucky to win one in Canada, you will be cool for sure.

If you want to learn more, check out their Facebook page.

This does offer a unique marketing opportunity for your customers. There are some low priced instant photo printers coming onto the market that would make them pretty fun to use. Polaroid has an instant photo printer compatible with IOS or Android. Another new company is Print. You can preorder their pretty cool printer. It is $15 less than the Polaroid and the refills are $5.00.

These portable printers make great gimmicks for your customers to use in Tradeshow Booths or marketing events. Have your picture taken and take it with you.

While Kentucky is on the bucket, we all know the Colonel is a Hoosier. Come on YUM brands, throw a little love Indiana’s way. Do some giveaways here.

Need to protect those prints, consider a photo pouch laminator and photo pouch lamination.

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