Shrink Wrap Machine Protection For Print Finish Shop

If you run a print shop, you know the risk of having your final product get damaged from any number of mishaps. Someone in the shop mishandles it from finish to the shelf for a customer to pick up. If you deliver to your customers, it could get damaged in transit while in the delivery van. The customer is unhappy and you have to run it again. Then, you have, there goes the profit on the project. A Shrink Wrap Machine can help avoid some of these problems.

How to use a Shrink Wrap Machine?

Shrink wrap machine is used to secure or bundle multiple products together using a polymer plastic compound or “shrink wrap.” Common products that are shrink-wrapped by a shrink wrap machine print-finished goods along with items like books, cd’s and DVD’s, foods and many other consumer products. Print shops doing large print runs find shrink wrap an effective way to keep their products safe from damage when transported from ship to customer.

There are several kinds of Shrink Wrap machines available. You can get a manual shrink wrap machine. The 2000 Series is a great manual shrink wrap that is perfect for any print shop. It starts as small as a 13” machine up to 14” machine. The price is right starting at $399.00

The next popular machine is the Nexgen 2000. It can shrink wrap anything up to 22” with a height of 8”. It is considered a one stop shrink wrap machine. Place all your items together it does the work automatically for you. As an automated machine, it comes at an affordable price of $3,800.

Shrink wrap protects the jobs you do. It helps keep your waste costs down and your customers happy. Check out our selection at the Shrink Wrap Machine Store at Lloyds.


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