Run a UV Printer? Try Bordeaux UV Curable Inks

If you are out of warranty on your Fuji Acuity or Océ/Canon Arizona, you may want to consider moving to aftermarket inks. Bordeaux inks offer high-quality UV curable inks at a fraction of the cost of using OEM inks for your Acuity or Arizona printers.plasma_arx300

Why change?

Some change is bad. In the IT world, if you are changing accounting systems or your POS system the transition can be brutal. If you are changing inks on your printers, there are some challenges to consider here too. But Bordeaux makes it easy to make the change.

Bordeaux offers Bordeaux proprietary Mix & Match concept, enabling on-the-fly conversion of the original ink to Bordeaux without the need to flush, replace parts or perform new color profiles in most configurations. The “Mix” only technology enables conversion of specified OEM inks to Bordeaux without the need to flush or replace parts.

By changing to Bordeaux, you will find that you can save $50-$100 a liter on your ink. Depending on how much ink you are using, this can be a considerable saving. If you are using 50 liters a month, a $50 savings can give you $2500 a month.

Bordeaux UV Curable Inks

Bordeaux offers PLASMA UV & UV LED curable inks for UV Printers like:

  • Fuji Acuity
  • Océ/Canon Arizona
  • Vutek QS

PLASMA ink works on a wider range of rigid and roll-to-roll substrates and long-term outdoor durability with superb printing quality. UV LED cures longer waves of UV light which require less energy to cure thus using less heat. This consumes less electricity and prolongs the life of the UV lights installed in the UV printers.

So, transitioning from OEM to aftermarket inks with Bordeaux is not as hard as it could be. It can help you save a large amount of revenue over the course of a year.


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