Is Your UV Coating Flaking or Not Sticking?

One of the common problems when doing UV coating jobs is the UV coating may sometimes flake or not irlampon_offstick entirely. We have also seen situations, where projects come out of the UV coating machine, have not cooled down entirely and the pages ended up sticking together. There are several things you can do to address these situations.

1. Are Your Lamps Strong Enough?

One issue is that your lamps may not be generating enough heat. We have heard from our UV coating suppliers that some machines just underperform on the heat side. The ones that have not had the problem are American Ultraviolet, Tec Lighting and Duplo. Some of the cheap UV coating machines out there are not generating the heat to prevent flaking.

2. Is Your IR Set Properly?

The Infra-Red setting needs to adjust to help with the curing process. It heats up the fluid before it is applied and the UV lamps finish the job. Sometimes you have to play with your infra-red setting to get it right. It is a Goldilocks exercise of not being too cold or too hot, but just right.

3. Don’t Rig Your Machine

We have been called into many service calls for several brand machines where the owners retrofitted their machines with band-aid approaches because they simply did not know how their machine worked. If you are running the machine improperly, it will not work correctly. Work with your manufacturer or an authorized repair shop to help you adjust the machine. An $85-$200 repair call is far cheaper than replacing rollers or other parts because you don’t know how to operate it properly.

Of course, if you have any questions, you can always give us a call. We have helped many people with their UV Coating machines.

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