UV coating causing problems

Is Your UV Coating Causing Problems?

It may not be what you think

A common issue among UV Coaters is flaking or stripping of the UV coating after finishing.

UV coating equipment seem pretty straightforward:

  1. You feed a project through
  2. Some goo gets poured on
  3. An ultraviolet light bakes the goo on, leaving a beautiful finished product.

What could go wrong? Plenty.

There are many factors that can contribute to UV coating failure. Here are just a few, and steps you can take to prevent them.

Start with the right equipment

Tec Lighting XtraCoat Mini UV Coating MachineThere is a reason UV coating machines cost a lot. The process of properly heating the coating, feeding the project through at the right speed to allow proper coverage and curing time, and producing the results you expect, takes a lot of engineering.

When you rely on equipment for your business, it pays to invest in the best available. There are many UV Coaters to choose from. Lloyd’s of Indiana did the research and chose to stock machines from American and Tec because they consistently outperform their competition. These machines are an investment. Do your homework before buying anything.

Use the right UV coating

Believe it or not, UV coatings are not created equal. While you may be able to use a particular brand in many different machines, you have to make sure your machine can handle the coating you plan to use. Variations in temperature and application thickness can ruin any print project. Make sure the coating you plan to use is formulated for your machine.

The new REVO Eco-Coat UV Coating Fluid is a high-quality coating that promises no odor. REVO Eco-Coat is formulated to work in a wide variety of machines. It spreads on thin, with very little flaking or stripping, which means you get more quality work out of the same amount of coating.

Maintain your equipment

After you invest in a UV coating machine, you need to keep it running at peak performance. As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of factors that determine the finished quality of your coated products. Maintenance of the machine is, perhaps, the most important.

Lloyd’s recommends regular maintenance by a reputable professional to ensure all the working parts of your machine are functioning properly. Heating elements become weak. Rollers get worn or damaged. UV curing lamps lose effectiveness, even though they continue to light. In fact, that is most likely the first item to need replacement.

If you, or your staff, are particularly handy, it would be wise to keep a few “wear items” on hand. Nothing costs more than not being able to use your equipment.

Ask an expert

The staff at Lloyd’s of Indiana are experts in printing. We not only sell the equipment, we run a very successful printing operation. If you have any questions regarding UV coating, the equipment, or any other print related topic, feel free to contact us. Even if you don’t buy anything from us, we feel the world deserves to look its best.

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