Looking for the Best ID Slot Punch?

Do you need an ID slot punch? Are you wondering “what the heck is an ID slot punch”? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, then read on.

What Does it Do?
picture of a slot punch

The slot punch models at Lloyds of Indiana range from heavy-duty hand held tools to multi-purpose, table-top units designed to take on plastic, PVCs, heavy papers and more.

What Types Do We Have?
We have three different kinds of ID slot punches:

1. Our handheld and heavy-duty Stainless Steel ID Slot Punch – it works like a single-hole-puncher and it’s great for quick or small jobs done right at the counter (think luggage tags, parking cards, ID tags, etc).

2. The Multi-ID Card Punch – a 3-in-1 table-top unit that can do slots, holes and even corner-rounding. This bad boy can punch up to 30 mils of hard plastic.

3. Our ID Card Slot Punch – a table-top tool that works like a stapler, but with built-in and adjustable guides. It can punch PVC, laminates and more.

So, How Much?
Lloyds of Indiana’s ID slot punches range in price from $39.95 to $49.95. In other words, they’re affordable. They’re also necessary if you’re working with ID cards and want to take them out of the wallet and on to neck lanyards, shirt clips or belt ties.

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