Formax 6302 Series Inserters

Your mail needs several items inserted. These items each have a different size and thickness. You need the job done fast and without any screw-ups. The Formax 6302 Series Inserters are exactly what you need. And, guess what? You get a bonus: the 6302 Series is very quiet and will only make a small footprint in your workspace.

How is it Used?

The Formax FD 6302-Standard 3 comes with three standard automatically adjusting feed stations. The Formax FD 6302-Special 3 has two standard feeders and one special feeder that can be manually adjusted for glossy and thicker paper stock. Both Formax models are especially convenient when you’re running a high-volume shop as they are capable of 3,500 pieces per hour.

A favorite of this Formax inserter is the full-color touchscreen control panel. It makes operation quick and easy. The FD 6302 Series Inserters also feature the exclusive AutoSet function which automatically sets the paper length, paper thickness, fold type, envelope size and double document detection.

And How Much Does it Cost?

It’s your choice. The Formax FD 6302 Standard or 6302 Special are $16,195 at Lloyd’s and qualify for free shipping and a free gift.

For more information on the Formax FD 6302 Standard Inserter, the Formax 6302 Special Inserter or to place an order, please visit the Lloyd’s website.

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