Photo Pouch Could Help With Last Minute Christmas Ideas

How many people decorate their refrigerator with pictures of friends and family?

Or, how many people display pictures on their cubicle filing cabinet at the office? The best way to exchange those photos is by laminating the pictures. It’s really easy to do and the laminators are very inexpensive. You can put a smile on Grandma’s face every time she opens up the refrigerator to get her milk every morning.

How do you laminate a photophoto lamination for christmas

First you are going to need a pouch laminator. They come in multiple sizes. For the purposes of this discussion, we are going to highlight the Photo Laminator. It retails for $179.00 at Lloyds of Indiana.

It’s commercial grade, so it can do more than just your picture. It can even handle an 8″x 11″ photo. It is versatile, so you can use it to laminate many items through it.

Next, you are going to need photo pouch lamination. It is important to get photo pouch lamination to properly protect and preserve the photo. Lloyds of Indiana carries multiple sized photo pouches starting at 3.5 x 5.50 3mil at $6.29 for a box of 100.

Photo Pouch Lamination is made of special materials to specifically preserve and protect your photos from light damage. So, imagine making a poster for a graduation party. You pull out old photos of your loved one. If you use the raw photograph, it will succumb to light damage and fading. By using a pouch laminate, the photo becomes practically indestructible.

So, laminating your photos does not have o be a Christmas only activity. You can get your money’s worth over time as you share your memories with friends and family. Even co-workers will be caught checking out the photos on your filing cabinet in the office.

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